Are YOU ready for INSANITY STEW?
Take crunching guitar riffs, melodic vocals, add some synth, some soul pounding drums and bass, throw them in a pot, mix with catchy, foot stomping lyrics and energetic, high octane stage show and you have Insanity Stew! This hard rocking band has burst onto the scene, bringing its signature brand of Heavy Metal to fans across the nation!

Insanity Stew delivers a unique sound and stunning visual energy to the stage in a blend of classic, old time party music and live wire sound that is sure to have them screaming for more! Featuring a group of talented, seasoned professionals, Insanity Stew is poised to turn conventional Metal on its ear! Their high-energy shows give music fans that special mix of great, hard driving sound and upbeat, action packed stage presence along with songs that appeal to a wide range of listeners!

If you are craving something new..something classic..and something FUN, your wish is our command! Insanity Stew is here! It's time to ROCK!

Frontman / Lead Vocals  --- Mychal Freeze

Lead & Rythm Guitars / Backing Vocals --- Hawkeye Pearce

Keyborards / Backing Vocals --- Robynne Banks Pearce

Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals --- Tom Moore

Drums & Percussion --- Chris Gans